Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They taze dogs, don't they?

I'm no dog expert, but this seems excessive. Tazers should not be the default response of police.

Book Cover

I have to agree with Jessa Crispin that this book cover makes one wish for blindness.

Every sperm still sacred

The Catholic church is still against birth control, natch:
"There is such a saturation of contraceptive thinking [in our culture]," Jacobs said. "We think that's a false message, to use contraception and say it's safe."
Although a wildly thrown condom might pose an eye hazard, it's hard to see what danger exactly they mean.

Source: Angela Townsend writing for the PeeDee

Monday, July 06, 2009

Fish and Chips?

The Mayor of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, invited Paul McCartney to his town while he's having a concert in the province.
"I am writing to personally invite you to join us for fish and chips and an informal ukulele jamming session on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool," Mr. Leefe wrote.

McCartney is a very public vegetarian.

Bye Sarah

Jezebel's Anna N. analyzes Sarah Palin's resignation speech.
For a better understanding of Palin's approach to theology, consult the children's show Veggie Tales.

I sometimes wonder if American politicians who spend most of their energy saying the press needs to shut up remember what country they live in.